samedi 9 août 2014

Etampe Magenta 14.575.J - Magenta Rubber stamp 14.575.J

L'étampe Magenta 14.575.J est une étampe polyvalente qui peut être utilisée pour faire un fond, une bordure, un cadre...  Voici quelques exemples...

Magenta rubber stamp 14.575.J is very versatile and can be used as background, border, frame...
Here some exemples...

Verre brisé
Verre brisé - Shattered glass

14.575.J,  07.744.F,  E.0563

14.575.J,  14.634.O,  07.879.I

14.575.J,  86.001.M,  07.021.D

14.575.J,  14.634.D,  07.021.D

14.575.J,  14.634.D,  07.895.C

2 commentaires:

  1. These are all wonderful Helene! Love how you showed different ways to use it. There are just sooooo many great Magenta stamps that I have yet to discover. Thanks for sharing this one.:)

  2. Lovely examples, it's indeed a beautiful background stamp!